• I can't recommend the products from Rowan + Sage enough. Everything I have gotten from Sarah has been amazing. It's so lovely to be able to introduce myself to herbalism and tinctures through an avenue that is absolutely safe for those with Celiac disease. I have been looking to elevate my self-care practices lately and this was a perfect place for me to start. Through Sarah's help, I've found a couple of tinctures that are of great help to me on my healing journey. Not only are the tinctures amazing, but the smudge wands, incense, leather goods, and crystals are so beautiful also. I seriously cannot say enough about how amazing this shop is!
    — Sam F.
  • The Full Moon Reading Sarah provided for me exceeded my wildest expectations. I incorporated a lot of information about myself and my mindset upfront in my reading request and she made so many constructive, illuminating and resonant connections between myself, my situation, my feelings. After her reading, I feel an immediate positive impact on my perspective and clarity of purpose. The reading also helped me solidify some long term goals and gave me sorely-needed guidance around how to best prioritize what's already in motion. I am so grateful for the accessible yet extremely thorough reading and for her lovely, welcoming approach. Thank you Sarah!
    — Deming C.
  • As a novice in the world of Tarot, I did not know what to expect when I requested a Three Card Reading. I went into this experience with the understanding that, "Tarot Cards don't tell us the future, but rather give us an opportunity to uncover hidden blocks or influences effecting a situation in our life.” When I received my Three Card Reading I was speechless. The cards so clearly reflected the exact topics I was struggling with. Sarah’s feedback was so insightful and encouraging. After receiving my reading, I felt empowered to address the fears/blocks in my life that were influencing my decisions about the future I wanted.
    — A. J.
  • Thank you very much for the reading. It was a real blessing for me and was just the right thing for where I am in my life right now. Your Tarot card reading gave me specific ways I can apply the wisdom of the cards to make sure I stay in alignment with my intention. I also appreciate your message about what to watch out for when I am out of alignment. The cards you drew feel very right on and applicable to my intention. I deeply appreciate your reading and intuitive interpretation of the cards. You know nothing about me, but you were so right on!
    — Gretchen D.

  • Sarah, first thank you! I think the reading was very accurate, specifically for the journey ahead in my life, as I will be closing a chapter and entering a completely new one, where I surely will be following my intuition to the max and I will be on the pursuit of the life I have been guided to do. You have a great gift and you just have a very calm and peaceful demeanor, and your reading was informative but also empowering! Thank you again for your time and gift!
    — Tania G.

  • I am so excited about the products at Rowan and Sage. They are unique and work so well. My husband was sick with a sore throat that was untreatable at the doctors, but the Sumac tincture was just what he needed to kick it and get better. Thank you so much Sarah for this beautiful shop and your wonderful offerings!
    — Ash-Lee J.

  • Thank you, Sarah! Your reading was spot-on, and I really appreciated the guidance around focusing on self-care, reflection, and time-out. That is, indeed, exactly where I have been the last few months, though resisting it. Your reading affirmed for me that I can (and need to) just sit back and allow this time of "not-doing" to work on me, heart, mind, body, and soul. I appreciated your suggestions about how to use the next few months in a "spiritually strategic" way. So much appreciation for the gift of your time and vision with the cards.
    — Kristy