VIII – Strength Flower Essence

VIII – Strength Flower Essence


Summon your inner strength and create powerful boundaries of protection around you with this essence. Yarrow and Black Tourmaline are powerful allies for the empath, highly sensitive person, or individual who needs assistance maintaining their sense of self as they interact with the world. This herb and stone combination provides an unparalleled sense of grounding, rooting us back into our own person, while creating shields of protection from negative energy and overstimulation. I love connecting with this vibrational remedy before doing Tarot readings for others, prior to going out into the world, while traveling, or when anxiety strikes.

To Use: Take 4 drops up to 4x per day on the tongue, in a glass of water, on the skin, or in a bath. Shake before use.

Ingredients: White Yarrow Flower & Black Tourmaline, Certified Gluten Free Alcohol, Spring Water, Love, & Intention.

This listing is for a 1 oz stock bottle. This is a vibrational remedy.

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