Mimosa Flower Essence

Mimosa Flower Essence


This essence is made from the flowers of the Mimosa or Albizia tree, a non-native to Southern Appalachia but well established plant in these parts. Known as the “Tree of Happiness”, Mimosa blooms truly light up the soul and fill us with peace and contentment. Mimosa Flower Essence is a powerful ally for those who are struggling with deep anguish over significant loss, heartbreak, difficult transitions, trauma, and other forms of grief. This ally helps us to process and integrate our pain in a gentle way so that we may grieve in our own time without endlessly wallowing. Mimosa also shines a light in the dark tunnel, showing us that there is a way out of our pain and that we can experience true beauty and joy once more. Mimosa Flower Essence pairs very well with Wild Rose in general and Passionflower when there is anxiety present too.

Ingredients: Mimosa Flower Essence, Certified Gluten Free Alcohol, Purified Spring Water, and Magic.

To Use: Take 4 drops up to 4x per day directly on the tongue or in a glass of water. You can also massage it directly on your skin or add it to a bath.

This listing is for a .5 oz stock bottle. This is a vibrational remedy.

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