Celandine Poppy Flower Essence

Celandine Poppy Flower Essence


A native to these Georgian woods, Celandine Poppy makes a gorgeous appearance in late March/early April, showing off its incredible golden blooms for a short period of time, not to be seen again until the following year. This member of the Poppy family is associated with the Sun but more specifically Jupiter.

As a flower essence, Celandine Poppy strikes me as an ally for the person who tends to hide themselves away, rarely coming out to be seen. They have a desire to shine like the sun, but struggle to climb out of their safe spaces and often internalize their fears and allow them to fester into social anxiety, irritability, tension, and anger. Celandine allows us to release this pent up frustration and helps us step out into the world with more confidence without becoming grandiose. Lean on this ally to help cleanse and clear emotional toxins, strengthen your communication to others, and facilitate greater depths of self-expression. This essence pairs very well with our Bloodroot Flower Essence.

Ingredients: Celandine Poppy Flower Essence, Certified Gluten Free Alcohol, Purified Spring Water, and Magic.

To Use: Take 4 drops up to 4x per day directly on the tongue or in a glass of water. You can also massage it directly on your skin or add it to a bath.

This listing is for a .5 oz stock bottle. This is a vibrational remedy.

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