Borage Flower Essence

Borage Flower Essence


"Ego Borago Guadia semper ago. – I, Borage, bring always courage."

If you struggle with asserting your boundaries or saying no to things in general, Borage may be an ally for you. This plant helps us to remove our sense of obligation to things that deep down we really don't want to do or participate in. It gives us the courage we need to say no, to assert our boundaries. Picture a welcoming home with a lovely garden out front. Whenever someone walks by, they come right up to all of the beautiful flowers outside the home and even clip a rose or two to take home with them. You're the house, your energy is the flowers they take. Now add in some Borage. All of a sudden a beautiful fence surrounds the home and garden! Now when people walk by, they admire the beauty of the garden and sometimes ask if they may step in and have a whiff of the roses but they don't come bursting through the gates. There is a healthy boundary in place now. This is how Borage effects us on an emotional and energetic level. Borage is said to bring “lightness and ebullience to the soul, filling it with optimism and enthusiasm.”

Ingredients: Borage Flower Essence, Gluten Free Alcohol, and Purified Spring Water.

To Use: Take 4 drops up to 4x per day directly on the tongue or in a glass of water. You can also massage it directly on your skin or add it to a bath.

This listing is for a 1 oz stock bottle. This is a vibrational remedy.

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