Bloodroot Flower Essence

Bloodroot Flower Essence


Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) is an eastern woodland plant that blooms between late February and early March here in southern Appalachia. As a vibrational remedy, Bloodroot allows us to call upon our well ancestors and connect with the blood of the land to heal ancestral wounds and clear conditioning passed down to us that effect our emotional wellbeing, lived experiences, health and vitality. This flower essence is also a powerful ally for those who struggle with feelings of unworthiness rooted in past trauma. Bloodroot imbues us with fortitude and strength – giving us the knowledge that though we may struggle along the way, we can clear a path forward out of darkness and toward our own inner light. This ally is incredibly powerful – trust that it will move what needs to be shifted and bring to the surface that which needs to see the light. This essence pairs very well with our Celandine Flower Essence.

Ingredients: Bloodroot Flower Essence, Certified Gluten Free Alcohol, Purified Spring Water, and Magic.

To Use: Take 4 drops up to 4x per day directly on the tongue or in a glass of water. You can also massage it directly on your skin or add it to a bath.

This listing is for a .5 oz stock bottle. This is a vibrational remedy.

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