Root Medicines

Welcome to our course on Root Medicines! I am deeply honored to share these medicine teachings and to support you on your plant path. This course is more than an in-depth resource guide on root medicines – it is an experience rooting you into the shifts of the seasons, grounding you into the pulse of the Earth beneath your feet, and weaving you into the web of life around you. This class is a gateway to help you connect into the essence of this season through the tending of your own roots. To help you get started, please check out the resources on this page and then go on to explore each module of the course.

Course Outline

This is a self-paced program that you may return to at any time.

Print-Ready Gateway Packets

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Introduction to Root Medicines

How to Harvest Roots
Herbal How-to: Decoctions


Dandelion Root
Elecampane Root
Burdock Root
Angelica Root
Ashwagandha Root

Tending to Our Roots

Ancestor Work
Altar Building


Recipe Guide
Book List

Next Steps
Live Q&A + Meditations
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