Weekly Tarotcast: 4/30-5/6

It's time for the Weekly Tarotcast! This short reading is intended to reveal insight for the collective consciousness, or the energies we as a unified society may experience in the coming week. The messages that you relate to are the messages you were meant to hear! If you are interested in expanding on how this energy will affect you in the coming week, I encourage you to book a three card reading so we can explore deeper. Last week was the Three of Pentacles and this week we're moving on to the Four! Clearly there are some lessons in the material realm we are needing to learn at this time.


Four of Pentacles

Keywords: control, possession, security, stability

Last week's focus was on building something through collaboration and teamwork with your superiors and other peers. Now it seems that you are very satisfied with how things went and are celebrating newfound success. That success could look a little different for everyone, whether it be in the form of satisfaction from a job well done or financial gains. Remember though that the Three of Pentacles was just the beginning of your project. While you may have completed one of your initial goals, there is still much work to be done! Which brings us to the Four of Pentacles.

In this card we see a young man, sitting on a stool with his home town in the distance behind him. He is tightly holding on to his pentacles/coins as if he wants to keep them close. He has two underneath his feet, one tightly wrapped in his hands, and one balancing on his head. This guy is not going to let anyone touch his stuff! He is even so focused on holding his pentacles down with his feet that he can't do anything or go anywhere else. The figure knows that he has worked really hard and is happy with the rewards he has earned. He just now wants to make sure that nothing happens to them. In other words, he's clinging too tightly to his possessions. Maybe he is worried someone will take them from him or that he will be frivolous with it. Either way, this card screams scarcity mindset to me. This card can also represent the need to control your environment, resistance to change, inflexibility, and an overwhelming need for stability in your life.

On one hand, this card is a positive sign that your hard work has paid off and that you are feeling more secure materially. On the other, it also indicates that you may be getting a little too preoccupied with material wealth and may feel consumed with the fear of losing it all. The energy of this card can lead to a focus on material possessions as your primary measure of "value" and basing your self-worth or emotional security on "having enough". This outlook is leaving you stuck in the same place and preventing you from moving forward. So ask yourself this week, what is your relationship to money? How do you measure worth? Are there aspects of your life that need to shift so that you can feel secure without being over-controlling? How can you be more flexible?

Many people think that by hoarding money they are gaining safety for themselves. If money is your ONLY hope for independence, you will never have it. The only real security that a person can have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability. Without these qualities, money is practically useless.
— Henry Ford

Think about these questions and see what comes up for you. Often times our relationship with material wealth and financial security isn't really our own, but a reflection of the mindset we were raised around. Developing your own measure of worth that encompasses physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wealth is a very important practice! I encourage you to examine this aspect of your life and utilize the Scorpio Full Moon energy surrounding this week to transform any limiting beliefs around security.

My last note on this card is to be aware of the potential challenges it may bring you this week. These challenges may present themselves in your own behavior or in the people around you. You may feel a tendency to be a bit controlling this week. Even if it isn't in your nature, you may feel extra possessive – of your stuff, your time, your money, or maybe your partner. You also may really want to resist any changes that are coming up with this Full Moon. This card represents the tendency to need to have things our way, in our already established methods. But change is a great thing! Be a bit more flexible this week, accept any necessary changes, and work to have an abundance mindset around everything in your life. Living in a scarcity mindset equals living in fear and well, that's just no way to live!

Please reach out if you have any questions about this card, the energies this week, or if you would like to do a reading for clarity around what you're facing in your life this week. Feel free to browse our current Tarot offerings in the shop or send me an email so that we can create a custom reading just for you. 

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