Weekly Tarotcast: 4/16-4/22

Hi there! Sarah here. Before I dive in to this week's Tarotcast I just want to say thank you for bearing with me over the last month as I've had the shop down and haven't been doing as many readings. If you have been following me for a while, you know that I have been participating in Biddy Tarot's Certification program - an intensive near-year long process that dives deep into reading Tarot for yourself and professionally for others. The good news is that I wrap up the program in two weeks and will be applying for certification shortly thereafter. I've needed this last month to focus on my studies, complete all of the required materials, and do a bunch of free readings on their platform in order to be eligible for certification. After I finish, Rowan + Sage will be back in action with new products and reading options!!

This process has been incredible and I really can't recommend the program enough! I've learned so much about myself, the kind of reader I want to be, and have been fortunate to connect with people all over the world through the Biddy Tarot online community and readings platform. Biddy Tarot is the real deal. If you're considering getting certified, the program has just reopened and you can learn more about it right here. 

Now for the weekly Tarot pull. This short reading is intended to reveal insight for the collective consciousness, or the energies we all may experience in the coming week. The messages that you relate to are the messages you were meant to hear! If you are interested in expanding on how this energy will affect you in the coming week, I encourage you to book a three card reading so we can explore deeper.

This card is part of the Smith-Waite Centennial deck.

This card is part of the Smith-Waite Centennial deck.

King of Cups

Keywords: Emotional balance and control

The King of Cups is probably my favorite King in the Tarot deck! In this card we see a regal King sitting upon his throne in the middle of a tumultuous sea. Although his surroundings are quite chaotic and stormy, this King is extremely calm and composed. A fish amulet adorns his neck and we see a fish jumping out of the sea behind him. The fish is a symbol of spirit and creativity that represents the balance between the conscious and unconscious mind. With this symbol showing up around his neck and leaping out of the sea, we know that the King has an awareness of both his conscious and unconscious mind. The boat in the background reflects this King's ability to navigate his way through any dillemna. 

Since this card in is the suite of Cups, we know that it is specifically an awareness of his emotional nature. The King of Cups has complete control and authority over his emotional side, no matter how intense things around him may get. Do not make the mistake that this King represses his emotions. Instead, he knows how to accept what he is feeling and deal with his emotions in a mature and well-balanced manner.

So what does the King of Cups mean for you this week? Well, it could be a few different things. What is coming up first for me is that you may find yourself in a stormy sea of emotions this week. Maybe you're surrounded by drama at work or in your personal life, stuck in negative mindsets and emotions, or just dealing with personal troubles that are weighing your down. Regardless of your struggle this week, it is important for you to connect with the energy of the King of Cups and regain control over your emotional side. I don't mean to suggest that you bottle up all of your feelings, but rather seek to understand them, accept them, and compose yourself so that you can regain balance. 

On the other hand, this card may represent someone in your life who displays the qualities of the King of Cups. This person could be a mentor in your working life who's guidance helps you balance out your ambitions and your emotional needs at work. The King of Cups may also show up as a fatherly figure or working parent type of role who displays a work/life balance without burning out emotionally. The King of Cups is someone who you can learn from, reach out to for guidance, or someone who can offer you emotional support to help you navigate a trying time.

When I pull this card in readings for myself, it is often an indicator that I should look to my romantic partner for emotional support as he will be better adept at remaining calm in my sea of emotions. In the past this card has also pushed me to reach out to my therapist or friend to talk out my feelings so that I can regain composure. Overall, the message of the King of Cups is to seek balance and control over your emotions, no matter what life throws at you. If you are struggling with something yourself, reach out to the King of Cups in your life for support.

If you are feeling balanced like the King of Cups, be generous with others in your life and help them to feel more calm and at peace. People who exhibit a King of Cups demeanor are true gifts to our society. They are the peacemakers, spiritual teachers, life coaches, and mentors who want to help and give loving energy to others. I aspire to be like the King of Cups and always like to have a few of his personality types in my circle. 

Please reach out if you have any questions about this card or if you would like to do a reading for clarity around what you're facing in your life this week. Especially if you are facing a tough time and aren't feeling very emotionally balanced! I am here to support you. Feel free to browse our current Tarot offerings in the shop or send me an email so that we can create a custom reading just for you. 

Love always,