Weekly Tarotcast: 3/26-4/1

Time for the weekly tarotcast! Last week got away from me so I apologize for the missing tarotcast - but if you follow me on Instagram you'll see me pulling cards on the reg in my stories or on the feed. Head on over there and make sure you're following the magic.

While I pull a card every day for myself, on Monday's I like to take a moment to check in with the general energy of the week. This short reading is intended to reveal insight for the collective consciousness, or the energies we as a unified society may experience in the coming week. The messages that you relate to are the messages you were meant to hear! If you are interested in expanding on how this energy will affect you in the coming week, I encourage you to book a three card reading so we can explore deeper.


Page of Wands Reversed

Keywords: Setbacks to new ideas, lack of direction

How appropriate for this Mercury Retrograde + Aries season! In the Page of Wands, we see a well-dressed young man standing in the barren wilderness, speaking his dreams and passions aloud. He holds his staff upward in confidence as he talks to himself about his new ideas. Page's are all about expressing something new and in the Suite of Wands, we know that these ideas have to do with fiery energies like creativity and the things you're passionate about. We also see salamanders on the Page's shirt, a mythical creature associated with fire and transformation.

So what does it mean when this Page is reversed? If you're feeling like this Page right now, you may be realizing that the projects you've been pursuing aren't as successful as you had hoped. You felt like these new ideas were really going to serve you and take you to new places, but you may have taken the wrong approach. Things just aren't working out. Or maybe, your inner fears and insecurities are preventing yourself from succeeding in these new endeavors. It could be that these inner blocks are limiting your ability to express yourself and because of this, you are holding yourself back from fully diving in. Sure, Aries season lit a fire under you and inspired you to take action towards your goals – but if you're holding on to limiting belief systems about yourself, you're not going to get far. It's time to commit to all that it takes to make your goals a reality rather than just talking about them. 

Maybe this card represents your feelings this Mercury Retrograde – you want to communicate your new ideas to the world but are feeling blocked. Mercury rules communication and it is well known that communications with others may be more difficult during retrograde periods. While Mercury Retrograde truly isn't as bad as the astrological community has played it out to be, communicating your new ideas may prove very difficult this week. This card could also represent someone in your life who is undercutting your confidence with negative words and pessimism. Their negative attitude and lack of action may also stifle your ability to clearly communicate your ideas, much less create an action plan to see them to fruition. Take a look back to our last tarotcast for three ways that you can read reversals for deeper insight.

I know that this seems to be a pretty negative forecast for the week, but it doesn't have to be. As you navigate the week, consider the ways in which you communicate to the world and just be aware that it may be a tad more difficult than usual. Especially if you find yourself in the company of Negative-Nancy's. Spend time thinking about what you want to say to make sure that your message is received clearly. And don't forget to take actionable steps to ensure your success. Renew your sense of confidence so that you can find direction on your path!

Try this affirmation from The Spirit of Herbs by Michael Tierra and Candis Cantin to help you communicate with confidence this week:

"With all fears and insecurities aside, clarity and single mindedness is the key to my success."

Please reach out if you have any questions about this card, the energies this week, or if you would like to do a reading for clarity around what you're facing in your life this week. Feel free to browse our current Tarot offerings in the shop or send me an email so that we can create a custom reading just for you. 

See ya next week,