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Astrology as a Tool for Healing

As an Herbalist, the study of Astrology has helped me to understand a key aspect of Traditional Western Herbalism – medical astrology. This seemingly lost art of constitutional theory and treatment is the backbone of our herbal lineage. I can't quite explain how influential learning Astrology has been in my journey as an Herbalist and person. But, I can share with you resources to help you take this step on the ever-winding path of self-exploration.

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Understanding the Language of Nature

Can you believe it's April already? I'm looking out my window right now and am just in awe over how green the world continues to get with each passing day. The springtime energy of Aries is so prevalent in the natural world right now! There is a sense of bursting forth in the plant life, with trees seemingly exploding with leaves in an instant...energetically in my own body I am feeling a sense of renewed force of will, like I can accomplish anything now that the springtime fire has been re-lit within.

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