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May Morning Magic, Rituals, & Offerings for Beltane

Blessed Beltane! Today marks the next turning of the wheel in the Celtic calendar – if Equinox/Ostara was the spark of springtime, the fire now blazes bright on this May day morning. Check out this post to learn more about this sacred Fire Festival, get sneak a peak at our traditions & celebration ideas, and find a recipe for an herbal brew to make you feel like the Queen of May.

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A Recipe for Ancestral Connection

I know very little about my ancestors long gone from this Earth, besides the basics of where they may have resided for some spans of time. One thing I know for certain though is that when I eat certain foods I feel such a sense of deep I have eaten this meal countless times in many eras. As if it is part of the makeup of my very bones. The first spring Nettles are one of these foods for me.

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A Recipe for Restoration

Maybe it's the cold, dreary weather or maybe it's our entrance into Pisces season, but all I know is that I'd very much like to stay in bed for as long as possible, spend hours of the day drinking tea and reading, and all around devoting more time to rest. With that in mind, here is one of my favorite restorative herbal tea recipes: Tulsi Nettle Chai.

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