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Yarrow: Myth, Magic, and Medicine

Have I mentioned how much I love Yarrow? It is perhaps my favorite plant in my entire garden (don’t tell the other herbs that). Learn more about the extensive history of Yarrow in medicine and myth in this in-depth monograph on our dearest plant ally.

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May Morning Magic, Rituals, & Offerings for Beltane

Blessed Beltane! Today marks the next turning of the wheel in the Celtic calendar – if Equinox/Ostara was the spark of springtime, the fire now blazes bright on this May day morning. Check out this post to learn more about this sacred Fire Festival, get sneak a peak at our traditions & celebration ideas, and find a recipe for an herbal brew to make you feel like the Queen of May.

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Plant Profile: Juniper

As we dive into the depths of winter, the evergreen trees are shining in all of their luscious, green glory! Including our native juniper species, Juniperus virginiana. Walking along the hedges of these gorgeous green trees and collecting their deep blue berries alongside the birds has become a winter ritual for us this year, one that I hope to continue in winters to come. In this plant profile, we take a deep dive into the expansive history of Juniper across the world through its folklore, medicinal uses, and more.

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