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Astrology as a Tool for Healing

As an Herbalist, the study of Astrology has helped me to understand a key aspect of Traditional Western Herbalism – medical astrology. This seemingly lost art of constitutional theory and treatment is the backbone of our herbal lineage. I can't quite explain how influential learning Astrology has been in my journey as an Herbalist and person. But, I can share with you resources to help you take this step on the ever-winding path of self-exploration.

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Herbalism as Sacred Remembering

Have you heard the call? Do you walk through forests and hear whispers echoing through the rustles of wind-swept leaves? Does a dandelion sprouting up from the cracks in the sidewalk ignite a fire in your spirit? Are you passionate about connecting people and plants? If so, click here to learn more about the Vitalist Herbal Practitioner Program and transform your love of plants into a career as a holistic herbalist.

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Begin Your Herbalism Journey with The Herbal Academy

I am regularly asked (whether on Instagram or in person) by those who want to study herbalism where they should begin...typically my answer is something like, "Go outside! Learn about the plants in your backyard!" While sitting with our plant allies, observing them in their natural habitat, tasting, touching, smelling them, and tuning in to the messages they have for us are absolutely incredible ways of connecting with the plant world, a structured learning environment is also often necessary.

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