My Unique Dharma

All life is yoga.
— Sri Aurobindo

Yoga isn't just breathing and poses - it's a complete way of life that connects your mind, body, and spirit help you discover and fulfill your unique dharma. Your purpose in this world.

Through my yoga practice, I have discovered that my dharma is to facilitate healing and share my tools for self-care with others. My passion for healing work came through my own experience with chronic illness and frustration with modern medicine's rigid methods. After two years of pain, I decided to take my healing in my own hands and began studying Purna Yoga, Herbalism, Psychology, Tarot, and Nutrition. And wow! It truly changed my life. I learned so many valuable tools to help me heal and finally found myself happy and pain-free.

It'd be a shame to keep all of those self care tips to myself (not to mention totally against my dharma!) So, I'd like to formally announce my newest project: Rowan + Sage. Born from a love of experiences and tools that create more magic in our lives, Rowan + Sage aims to facilitate healing through herbal products, yoga, intuitive tarot readings, and curated goods from local makers.

I have listed a few herbal items in the shop like balms, tinctures, teas, and bath soaksas well as two tarot readings, the perfect gifts for your loved ones this holiday season! I am also offering private and semi-private yoga sessions and hope to host a yoga webinar series at the start of 2018! Stay tuned. Thank you for all of your support on my journey, I couldn't have taken this leap without you.