Do you Dream of Becoming a Herbalist?

Working with others will absolutely help you become a great herbalist – but mostly, it will teach you about yourself. Practice will encourage you to examine your own biases, the ways in which you look at the world, shift your definition of healing, and force you to come to terms with things you never thought you'd face. Your clients will come to you with their own struggles and ailments, sure, but they will also mirror back the aspects of yourself that need healing too. Practice will push you and pull at you and stretch you to your absolute limits. You may feel like giving up over and over again. But like all things in life, it's these growing pains that offer you the most incredible opportunities to rise up and fulfill your calling. You never really know what's going to come up in a session for you or for your client but do not fear this – just show up. Show up for your clients and show up for yourself. This is how we heal 🌿 a message I wish I could send back in time to my past self before she starting wandering down this wild path ✨

When I first began walking the plant path, I did not start with books or classes. I walked outside and learned the names of the friends growing around me like plantain, jewelweed, and dandelion or culinary herbs in my father’s garden like rosemary, dill, and sage.

My growth as a plant person grew from walks in the forests, meadows, and fields around the area that I grew up and began as simply an interest.

But the calling from the plants was clear: my purpose in this life was to become a Herbalist.

Have you heard this call too?

There are so many different ways to be a Herbalist. Maybe you want to learn how to take care of your family and friends when flu season strikes. Perhaps your goal is to have a line of skincare products, herbal teas, or other planty preparations. Or you might be like me and want to be a Clinical Herbalist someday. No matter which path you choose, it is important that you have resources and education to help guide you along the way.

When I decided to answer the call and become a Herbalist, I went on a quest of sorts to find the right educational program for me. You can only do so much from attending workshops on the basics or reading books on your own – having teachers and frameworks to help you go beyond theory and into application is what differentiates a plant enthusiast from a practitioner.

I checked out every single program in the United States, both in-person and online, and ultimately decided to further my studies with The Herbal Academy. I loved the depth that they covered in each of their offerings and that they had paths that guide you from introductory herbalism all the way to the education you need to practice clinically.

Back to school photos - Herbal Academy.jpg

With teachers like Matthew Wood, Maria Noël Groves, Steven Foster, and so many more plus programs that are totally affordable, can be completed at your own pace from anywhere in the world, and a focus on sustainability in herbalism…I knew that The Herbal Academy was the school for me!

The Herbal Academy’s mission is to expand our students’ potential in herbalism and help guide you on your own herbal path. With everything we do here at the school, from offering our courses with deep savings during special promotions to offering freshly published course textbooks to enhance your herbal learning, we are reaching our goal of helping your dreams and goals come true as you pursue herbalism!

Their programs have helped me to fully step into my role as a Herbalist and built the foundation for my clinical practice. Since studying with HA, I’ve gone on to complete many other programs (this path requires being a forever student, after-all) – but their classes are what gave me the frameworks I needed to understand how to work with people and plants to facilitate health and wholeness.

Are you dreaming of becoming a Herbalist too, dear friend? If so, I highly recommend checking out The Herbal Academy’s back to school sale! This is the best deal on their programs and it only happens once a year. And along with savings of up to 25% off, they’re also offering their long-awaited, highly sought-after Introductory & Intermediate course textbooks. This is something they just started last year – so if you’re someone who likes online learning but also wants print versions to highlight and annotate, they’ve got you covered!

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If you’re a current student like me who didn’t have the textbook option when you started your studies, The Herbal Academy is offering the student discounted price just for us. Simply log in to the website and select the textbook option of your choice from their Goods Shop. Your cart will update to the discounted student price automatically: $297 down to $199 for Introductory Herbal Course Textbook Set and $597 down to $349 for the Intermediate Herbal Course Textbook Set when you hit checkout! 

About Herbal Academy's Programs:

The Herbal Academy’s programs are offered online and they are generally open throughout the year, very true. But as many folks with children enter back to school season, it’s only natural for you to return to your own studies – giving yourselves a little self-care or educational challenge!

“Back to School season is really one of our favorite times of the year here at the Herbal Academy. It is our privilege to be able to welcome new students into the Academy family and watch our community grow in their herbal journeys.”

– Marlene Adelmann, Founder & Director

Back to School is just an excuse, after all, for us plant enthusiasts to pursue a dream, a career change, or a personal fulfillment or hobby. No matter what brings you back to your studies, check out the Herbal Academy’s annual Back to School sale for some of their best deals of the year! 

Introductory Herbal Course – $50 off registration! 

The ever-so popular beginners herbalism course is now $50 off registration. Get ready to mix up herbal remedies using herbs and spices you never knew existed (and the ones you do!)! This is the ultimate beginner's program to get you started in herbalism.

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Intermediate Herbal Course – $100 off registration, now $497! 

If you have already taken the Introductory Herbal Course or are a self-taught herbalist interested in diving into the next phase of your education, this program is the perfect next step in your journey! This is the program I started with and I couldn’t be more pleased with everything I learned! I still refer to my notes and handouts weekly as I continue to see clients in my practice.

Family Herbalist Path – $894 down to $699!

Get ready to infuse your life with the benefits of an herbal education with our guided path for family herbalists, starting at the beginner level! This discounted bundle of programs includes Introductory + Intermediate Herbal Courses!

Clinical Herbalist Path – THE biggest savings of $400 off!

Studying herbalism to pursue a professional career? This discounted bundle of programs includes Introductory + Intermediate + Advanced Herbal Courses and will have you well on your way to gaining the knowledge you need in your Clinical Herbalist studies!

Botanical Skin Care Recipe Book Cover (1).jpg

Botanical Skin Care Course – $50 off their new program! 

Dive into a remarkably rewarding maker’s quest to create your own good-for-the-body, sumptuous skin care products at home. With over 200 herbal recipes in the course, you’ll quickly be stocking your herbal cupboard with an array of customized herbal preparations that will make you look and feel healthier and more radiant. I have been slowly working through this course since they launched it and it. is. AMAZING! And the companion book is truly gorgeous!

Herbal Materia Medica Course – Enroll for only $39! 

Every plant person NEEDS this program. Developing a materia medica is one skill every herbalist should know as they become more independent in their craft. This is a mini course, and worth every penny, equipping you with the skills to learn about herbs all on your own!

The above herbal programs are some of the most popular courses at The Herbal Academy, but there are many more to explore – and every single program is on sale for up to 25% off until September 16th.

Now is the time to answer your calling to become a Herbalist. Click here to start your studies at The Herbal Academy and good luck to you on your plant path!