Astrology as a Tool for Healing

Our local Woodland Poppy, also known as Celandine which is associated with the Sun and Jupiter in astrology.

Our local Woodland Poppy, also known as Celandine which is associated with the Sun and Jupiter in astrology.

Sun-sign horoscopes are seemingly everywhere...from the backs of newspapers, apps on our phones, or even Instagram accounts sharing astrological insights. But there's so much more to Astrology than this one-dimensional view of ourselves. The depths of our being goes beyond the sign in which the Sun was at the moment of our birth.

In reality, each of us has an extremely unique imprint of the universe that can be seen and interpreted by exploring our natal chart. This chart shows us the placements of all of the planets at the moment of our birth and serves as a key to understanding the uniqueness of who we are, our strengths and weaknesses, lessons to learn in this lifetime, and so much more.

It wasn't until I began studying my natal chart on my own and with teachers I hold dear that I started to understand the deeper aspects of myself and how I interact with the world. This "map" of who I am and how it reflects the picture of the universe at the moment I took my first breath continues to serve as a sort of guidebook as my life goes on. Studying my chart has showed me what aspects of my health may be effected by different planetary transits, granted me deep insight into my psyche, and helped me to form a truly holistic and cosmically aligned self care practice.

As an Herbalist, the study of Astrology has helped me to understand a key aspect of Traditional Western Herbalism – medical astrology. This seemingly lost art of constitutional theory and treatment is the backbone of our herbal lineage. It weaves into Vitalism with such intricacy and allows us to more effectively match people with plants, as well as understand the properties of plants themselves.

I can't quite explain how influential learning Astrology has been in my journey as an Herbalist and person. But, I can share with you resources to help you take this step on the ever-winding path of self-exploration. My friends from The School of Living Astrology are currently sharing a FREE mini-course all about Astrology. Have you checked it out yet?

In Lesson One of the Living Astrology Mini-Course we learned a combination of philosophy and practical applications of how to see Astrology in real life.

Lesson Two dives into myths around astrology and the perception of it from the outside looking in, helping us get to the heart of this practice. In this lesson you also learn the framework of the 12 signs of the zodiac and how they correlate to the seasonal cycles, the structure of our bodies, the elements and our entire reality. 

Lesson Three discusses second stage of the astrological journey which is going beyond the gates and discovering the birth chart and how that can be our guide to understand astrology. Here is when we have the realization that we have to learn the core pattern of astrology and that it’s more than just a ‘sun sign’. Tyler also teaches us a foundation to understanding the often misunderstood houses of astrology and how they represent the different areas of life.

And last but definitely not least, Lesson Four weaves all of the previous teachings together by teaching us how to approach the birth cart and use it for healing.

This program is exactly what our world is needing right now. It brings us to the core of this ancient art and science and grounds us in the realization that everything we wanted to know about astrology is right in front of us. It’s the elements, the seasons, and our reflection in nature. 

If you absolutely loved this Mini-Course and are ready to further your relationship with the elements and take the next steps on your astrological journey, I invite you to join me in the SOLA Online Program. This year long offering from The School of Living Astrology progresses through the seasons, allowing you to:

  • Perceive and interact with the living archetypes being taught to you in real time.

  • Learn the foundational energetic patterns that are woven throughout all of life and which are the building blocks of all astrological wisdom.

  • Awaken within yourself a vision that will allow you to learn and perceive all that you have ever wanted to know about this ancient healing art.

+ there are tons of bonuses and by enrolling you'll have access to the mini-course and the full program for life, be welcomed into a community of like-minded souls also on this path of exploration, and much much more.

This program is a guided initiation that will give you the philosophical foundation to learn and evolve your astrological understanding with nature as your teacher. I hope you'll join me on this journey. Click here to learn more about the SOLA Online Program, closing for the year on April 16th.


Did ya skip to the end? No worries. Just to recap...

– The School of Living Astrology are offering a FREE mini-course is going away very very soon! There's over 5 hours of free content here that will totally change how you view Astrology – make sure you watch them before their gone.
– Enrollment is open for The School of Living Astrology's online program. If you're ready to take the next steps on your astrological journey, I invite you to join me on this year-long exploration of the elements and the cosmos. Click here to learn more. Enrollment closes on April 16th!