Understanding the Language of Nature

Can you believe it's April already? I'm looking out my window right now and am just in awe over how green the world continues to get with each passing day. The springtime energy of Aries is so prevalent in the natural world right now! There is a sense of bursting forth in the plant life, with trees seemingly exploding with leaves in an instant...energetically in my own body I am feeling a sense of renewed force of will, like I can accomplish anything now that the springtime fire has been re-lit within.

This energetic architecture is a reflection of the spirit of Aries, the sign that dominates this season of early Spring. If you are familiar with astrology, you may know of the 12 signs of the zodiac and how the Sun moves through these signs throughout the year. You may also understand the planets and their rulership over signs and body systems, houses seen on a natal chart, and how these aspects in the cosmos influence or express themselves in our bodies and on this planet. Or perhaps this is all gibberish to you! 😂

You probably know your Sun Sign and maybe even your Moon and Rising...but most people in our modern world rarely go beyond the horoscope to dive into the mysticism and real-life, practical applications of Astrology. But to be completely open with you, this ancient art and science is perhaps my favorite tool for healing, self-exploration, and personal development.

I have always been fascinated by symbolism in all of its forms and have long looked to the stars for inspiration and guidance. While Astrology can be super esoteric, it truly doesn't have to be – it is simply a set of symbols, stories, and archetypes that we can see and feel with our own senses right here on Earth. When we understand the astrological signs, their elemental rulership, and how the planets express their energetic signatures, we begin to see these symbols and archetypes reflected in our every day life. Astrology becomes a language through which we can see the world.

This is especially true in the realm of Herbalism. As a practitioner of Traditional Western Herbalism who tends to associate with other Herbalists in this lineage, I have often come up against Herbalists feeling like we don't have a framework of constitutions or elemental correspondences as compared to what we see in Ayurveda or TCM. This leaves many Herbalists confused or bringing in aspects of other traditions to make "their" Herbalism make sense. I do this too – the doshas of Ayurveda are a wonderful framework to work with, for example.

But this doesn't mean that Traditional Western Herbalism doesn't have its own system...and, well, this system hasn't even really been "lost" through time as some people believe. It has just been clouded and distorted into a modern practice of astrology that is less involved with the whole person and more selective in its methodology (ie. Sun-sign focused astrology).

Traditionally speaking, most physicians used to practice Medical Astrology. They understood that each sign corresponded to an element, a body system, and was prone to excesses or deficiencies that could be exacerbated or calmed by certain planetary influences and transits. They took it to a deeper level by connecting herbs, nutrients, and foods with these symbols to create a framework for applying plants to people and disease. We can continue to practice this framework today. Ultimately, Astrology can become the language that we use to understand both people and plants and match them together to facilitate healing.

I talk about this a lot on my Instagram and you may have noticed that I often share the Astrological/Planetary/Elemental correspondences of plants in their monographs on my blog. People have asked me how I have drawn the conclusion that Chickweed is ruled by the Moon and the Water element, or our local species of Juniper by Mars & Fire. The simple answer is that I learned the language of Astrology – and you can too.


My friends Tyler Penor & Mamie Wartelle from The School of Living Astrology are generously sharing two FREE mini-courses that help you to learn this language on your own. I really love how Tyler teaches Astrology in a way that goes beyond esoteric texts, but encourages you to step out into nature, use your senses, and commune with the elements themselves so that you can understand Astrology from a place of grounded experience. 

Whether you’re looking to become a professional astrologer or you’re brand new to Astrology, this series will provide the philosophical and practical foundation you need to dive deeper on your astrological journey. Click here to get access to the first and second lessons of the FREE Living Astrology program!

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