My New Year's "Resolution" – Embracing Clinical Practice

Hello friends, readers, and fellow explorers on the plant path. I hope you are having a wonderful start to the New Year! We spent our holiday enjoying some much needed rest, caught up on our reading (I may have purchased many more herb books to add to my bookshelf), and dreamed about what this year year would hold in store. Earlier in 2018, we sowed seeds of intention for the shifts now beginning to grow but in the meantime, we tended to the soil – so to speak – by making some big changes in how we run our business, our offerings, and much more.


I'm not a big fan of New Year's resolutions (and the harmful, somewhat shame-focused culture around it), but I am inspired by the celebration of one year coming to a close and a new one beginning. At the start of every year, I spend a few days sitting back and thinking about what worked in the year prior and what didn't, reevaluate my goals, and set realistic benchmarks that I hope to hit throughout the year. Some of these are financial goals, others big dreams, but most of them are little interpersonal shifts that I would like to make throughout the year as I continue to grow in alignment with my purpose and passion.

So what was my biggest goal for this year? 

To work one-on-one with you and utilize my herbal knowledge to assist you with your health goals and challenges.

As you may know from previous newsletters, blog posts, or Instagram, I have been shifting the model of Rowan + Sage to create more space in my life and schedule to finally be able to open up one-on-one herbal consultations. This is a goal I set for myself last year, knowing very well that it was going to require a lot of little micro-tasks to be checked off my to-do list before I could dive right in. That's kind of how I set goals – I dream big and identify the big, overreaching goal, and then (as a typical Lunar Virgo would do) I create a color coded to-do list outlining everything that I must do to finally be able to accomplish the big goal. 

One of those to-do list items was launching our complete line of gluten-free, Celiac-safe herbal formulas which you can now find in our online shop! We will be restocking those that are sold out on January 21st so if you see something you want that isn't available at the moment, know that it will be back soon! 

The other big to-do list item was working through and processing my fear around putting myself out there as a practicing Herbalist. Working with someone and their health is a big responsibility that I wanted to make sure that I was prepared for. It's one thing to have years of study under your belt and another to apply that knowledge to a living, breathing, complex human being. But I knew deep in my bones that I was ready and it was time.

So I spent the majority of 2018 brushing up on and practicing my clinical skills + developing a LOT of paperwork (the not so fun part) to make sure that I could walk into 2019 ready to finally do the work I have always wanted to do.

I softly launched these herbal consultations on January 1st and had my first official consult a week and a half later. I was extremely nervous but also SO excited. Our appointment time came, I sat in front of my computer with all of my notes, and we chatted for an hour about her current challenges, health history, and her goals. I felt completely at ease. My client felt reassured and hopeful, saying that it was the best health consultation she has ever had. Post-consult case notes flowed out of my mind into the tip of my pen with ease. I knew what to do, what to recommend, how to support this person, and felt confident and completely at peace with the process.

I don’t think I’ve ever had such an enjoyable and reassuring health consultation. Honestly, it was the absolute best consultation I’ve ever had. You’re so brilliant at this work! Thank you xx
— Kate T.

I had never felt such a sense of alignment with the work that I was doing until that very moment. Working with people directly as a Clinical Herbalist truly feels like the most soulful, aligned work I have ever had the pleasure of doing. I have wanted to be a practicing Clinical Herbalist for almost ten years and I am finally taking the steps to achieve that big goal. These consults will now allow me to accumulate the requirements I need to complete to be recognized as a Registered Herbalist in the United States.

There is still much work to be done, but now I am ready to work one-on-one with all of those who resonate with this work – to all of those who are seeking assistance with their health, who desire a nourishing self-care practice, and who would like to accomplish this through a holistic framework for wellbeing.

So here it is my friends! The day has come. Herbal consultations are officially open, with appointments available now. It would be an absolute honor to work with you in this way and help you achieve a sense of empowered, vibrant wellness. I hope to see you in my virtual apothecary very soon :)

Love always,