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Some St. John's Wort I found on the trail last week!

Some St. John's Wort I found on the trail last week!

I am regularly asked (whether on Instagram or in person) by those who want to study herbalism where they should begin...typically my answer is something like, "Go outside! Learn about the plants in your backyard!" While sitting with our plant allies, observing them in their natural habitat, tasting, touching, smelling them, and tuning in to the messages they have for us are absolutely incredible ways of connecting with the plant world, a structured learning environment is also often necessary.

I started studying plants in my teens just as I described above...I went outside and started learning about the "weeds" growing in my family's backyard + four acres of forest. My horticulture teacher in high school taught me the basics of plant identification (leaf shapes, margins, types of inflorescence, etc.) and equipped me with a journal that served as my beginners materia medica. I didn't realize it then, but these foundational skills taught to me in an elective course in school would be the basis of my work going forward. Thanks Mr. Green!!!

After connecting with the plant kingdom for years afterwards through the study of herbs, mycology, anatomy & physiology, organic chemistry, and more, I eventually decided to enroll myself in a more structured program to tie together all of the strands of plant studies I had exposed myself to over the years. I wanted a program that would qualify for the American Herbalist Guild's requirements for acceptance and I wanted a program that I could complete at my own pace. I found this and more at The Herbal Academy.

See, to be effective herbalists, we must develop a deep, intuitive understanding of plants as well as a foundational knowledge of the body and how it works, the chemistry of plants and their constituents, how to formulate, and most importantly: the ability to support people as a whole rather than just their symptoms. Much of this comes through experience but having a little book-learning sure helps!

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Studying with The Herbal Academy has been such a transformative experience with my own work as an herbalist and I cannot recommend them enough. They have courses for every level of those walking the plant path and even offshoot classes like The Craft of Herbal FermentationBotany & Wildcrafting, and more. Their online Herbarium is one of the most detailed resources out there and makes it so easy for you to find information about a plant you just discovered out in the field (as long as you have cell service!) And all courses are 25% off right now!

So if the plants have been calling your name or you'd like to learn more tools to help you build self-reliance and support the health of you and your family naturally, here's your sign to get started. You may start with the Introductory course, sign up for a packaged program focused on becoming an entrepreneuror clinical herbalist, or go for the advanced program suited for practicing herbalists. There is a path for everyone!

This sale is only going on until September 9th so while you have some time to think about it, make sure that you act fast. There won't be another discount like this until next year. If you aren't quite sure if The Herbal Academy is for you, here are two sample lessons for you to preview:

And here is a bit more info on Some of the courses offered:

  • The Introductory Herbal Course is a good place to start if you are new to herbal medicine. It’s a beginner’s course filled with easy training guides, recipes, downloadable flipping books and charts to get you well on your way to becoming an herbalist. The course begins with the basics of medicine making and wildcrafting, anatomy, introduces you to many many plants, covers common discomforts for adults and children, and discusses the overarching holistic approach of herbalism.

  • The Intermediate Herbal Course begins with an introductory unit as a review, and then quickly advances into more complex topics. The program dives in deeper, working through each body system and discussing the herbs; their actions and energetics; their safety and side effects; in-depth coverage of anatomy and physiology; and guidance for herbal formulation.

  • The Entrepreneur Herbal Course is geared towards herbalists who have already studied at the beginner and intermediate levels, who want to make and sell their own herbal products. Lessons on sourcing herbs, Good Manufacturing Practices, labeling requirements, writing a business plan, and creating a brand are some of the many lessons included in this fast track program!

  • The Advanced Herbal Course is an in-depth program geared towards students interested in becoming clinical herbalists. This program picks up on the body systems not fully covered in the Intermediate Course, and covers more complex topics including herbal wisdom traditions, health and wellness of men, women, and elderly, assessment and herbal therapeutics, and steps to becoming a clinical herbalist; as well as regulatory and legal obstacles facing professional herbalists and herbal products businesses.

If you have any questions, please comment below! I hope to see you on the plant path my friends. 

With love,

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