Your Tarot Questions Answered!

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Instead of doing the weekly Tarotcast, I thought I would ask you all to send in your Tarot-related questions so that I could help you 1) understand what I do and 2) grow in your own personal reading practice. I received some amazing questions that I have answered below. There will be future posts like this one that will eventually become a FAQ for this site. If you have any additional questions about Tarot, feel free to shoot me an email!

Q + A

1. What you do to clear the cards before you do a reading? Do you prep yourself before your reading with a meditation?

What I do before a reading totally depends on the context in which I am approaching the cards. Before every reading, my preference is to create a sacred space, do a little yoga, sit down and ground myself with meditation, ask the universe to grant me clarity and insight and then do my reading. But sometimes, this isn't how I approach my cards. Sometimes I just wake up, roll over, and pull a card. Other times I'm in crisis and totally freaking out and am looking to my cards to help me discern between what's real and what isn't so I don't fall into a complete anxiety meltdown. In those times, my readings are a tad more frantic. And every now and then I dedicate an entire night to an elaborate ritual with a longer Tarot reading for myself. I do my best to do a grounding meditation before each and every reading but I'd be lying if I said I always do! When it comes to client readings, however, I always dedicate a distraction-free time period to their reading, meditate briefly before hand, and then pull their cards. 

As for clearing, I rarely clear my cards because I never really feel like I need to. I have around 10 decks and am working with 3-5 consistently...the decks that I am not using regularly are carefully wrapped in cloth and stored away with a few crystals and herbs. The decks that are on "regular rotation" hang out on a selenite slab which is a crystal that is great for energetic cleansing. Every now and then when a deck feels a little stagnant, I will order all of the cards, pass the deck through some palo santo, shuffle, and move on with my reading. Ultimately, I don't hold the belief that Tarot Cards suck up energy, so to speak. I let people touch my cards, I carry them when I'm running around town, and there's pretty much always a deck in arms reach at my house. Since I maintain energetic hygiene for myself and my home, I don't really worry about my cards or other tools. I personally see Tarot Cards as more of a tool that helps me channel my own intuitive connection to the Divine. Other readers feel differently and that is totally ok! But this is just my personal view and experience. 

2. What are examples of questions to avoid and good questions to ask Tarot cards?

This is such a great question! I find that when consulting with our Tarot cards, it is best to ask open-ended questions. Questions that result in yes or no are closed ended questions and while they can be great if you want a fast answer, they don't really allow you to take a deep dive into your situation or gain a deeper understanding of how to proceed. To ask open-ended questions, avoid asking things that start with Will, When, and Should. Instead focus your question on What, How, and Why. Here are a couple of examples of how you could rephrase a closed-ended question into an open-ended one that will provide you with deeper insight:

Question 1: When will I find love?
Rephrased: What blocks are preventing me from finding love in my life? How can I release those blockages? What signs might I see when I have met the right partner for me? How can I attract love in my life?

Question 2: Should I accept the job that's being offered to me even though I don't feel like it's right for me?
Rephrased: What might I experience if I accept this job? What might happen if I don't? How does this job prospect align with my personal values and highest good? What other resources or options are available to me at this time?

By rephrase the question into an open-ended one, we have the option to ask follow up questions rather than just getting stuck at a yes or no answer. This helps us unravel the strands of our subconscious mind through deeper introsepction and find the answers within ourselves.

3. How do you choose a card from the deck? I tend to shuffle mine with my eyes closed and then I see which might catch my eye. There's not a lot of feeling involved, though, like I don't typically feel a pull towards certain ones.

For me this depends on the spread that I am doing. If I am doing a 2-3 card spread, I shuffle while asking the question and stop when it feels "right". Then I cut the deck and draw the cards in succession. When I am doing larger, multi-question spreads, I shuffle the cards while focusing on the question or intention for the reading and then fan them out. Then I close my eyes and guide my left hand over the cards as I ask the question. Typically I'll feel a little bit of warmth or buzzing in my finger tips when I hover over a certain card while I do this. So, I draw that card that has pulled my attention towards it and do the same thing for the rest of the cards in the spread. This is a much more energetic way of drawing Tarot cards from the deck.

I also sometimes just shuffle in between each card. So I will ask the initial question while shuffling, draw a card, and lay that down. Then I pick up the deck, shuffle again, and pull another card for the next question. So on and so forth.

4. How do you shuffle really big cards?

I only have one deck that has really big cards which I honestly don't use that often for that very reason. I prefer smaller cards or ones that are narrower so that they fit perfectly in one hand. When I do use my larger deck, I shuffle melting pot style. Meaning that I spread them all over a surface and mix it up like a pot of soup and then gather them together, cut the deck, and draw my cards.

5. What does it mean if the same card(s) appear for different questions?

If the same card(s) are consistently appearing to you in different readings, it's time you start really listening to that card's messages! Tarot readers refer to these as "stalker cards" because they just seem to follow you wherever you go for a particular season in your life. Let me try to put this in context for you. A few months ago I was constantly being followed around by Temperance. This card was CONSTANTLY showing up in my personal readings, particularly ones about my career which has been the primary focus of this season in my life. Aside from the fact that this card is my hidden teacher card (learn more about this in your Personal Tarot Profile), this card was showing up as a consistent reminder that I must seek balance and practice moderation while also allowing myself to pursue more purposeful work. At first, this card starting presenting itself as more of a nudge from my higher self. Then I would pull it followed by cards like the Five of Cups or The Tower. It was clearly screaming at me that if I didn't make a shift and work to embody the energy of Temperance, I was going to find myself in difficult situations that shook up my foundation and left me in despair.

Does this make sense? Cards consistently show up for us when our highest selves really want us to integrate and learn that particular lesson. Sure, it could show up in a different context and maybe if a certain card shows up in a career reading and then again in a relationship reading you could feel confused. If the card shows up only 2-3 times, I wouldn't sweat it too much and just read it in the context of your question. But if that card is following you around in every reading or for several months, I encourage you to sit with that card and study it in depth. 

6. What's your opinion on reversals? 

I have always read with reversals and always will. Reversals allow us to see deeper aspects of light and shade in each card and often reflect our internal experience in a more profound way. While they can be a bit confusing for the beginner reader, I feel that learning reversals is absolutely essential to every Tarot practice. I actually wrote a Tarotcast presenting three different ways to read reversals in the context of the card for that week. Click here to read that blog. 

7. Still this day don't understand how the Lovers and 2 of Cups are any different. I see them both as union in a relationship.


For a long time I felt the same way! But then I started to see The Lovers card in more and more of my personal readings that had nothing to do with relationships. This helped me form a different relationship to the card. Let's look at the similarities in these cards first. Clearly there is an element of duality in both as well as harmony, union, and intimacy. But what's different about them? The Two of Cups is a minor arcana card in the suit of cups, so we know there is a stronger emphasis on the emotions. The Lovers card, however, is a major and associated with Gemini. For starters, it is a stronger influence in our life compared to the Two of Cups. Relationships come and go, but we must always remain in partnership with ourselves. Secondly, Gemini's are air signs who tend to be thinkers first rather than feelers. Gemini's, unlike other signs, are able to hold two seemingly opposing view points as true rather than seeing things as black and white. They can maintain harmony even when confronted with polarizing dualities in their lives.

All that said, I see The Lovers card as being much more about our personal values rather than union in a relationship. When this card comes up in a reading, it is asking me to consider if the situation I am asking about is in alignment with my personal value system. Or, it is showing me that this situation is challenging my beliefs and presenting me with an opportunity to act with integrity on the high road, or take the low road of inauthenticity. It encourages me to get clearer on my personal beliefs and choose the path of action that is most in line with my authentic self. The Two of Cups resonates as a card about creating more harmony in a situation between two people and working to see eye to eye on the matter at hand. In the context of a relationship, the Two of Cups shows us that the couple is currently in a very strong place but the fate of their future is ultimately up to them. The Lovers in a relationship reading reflects a reunion of two complete souls. I hope this helps!

8. I’ve been having conflict with a person for 6 months. Every time a pull a card around the conflict I pull a hanged man for them and a hierophant for myself. Every time, like 7 or 8 times. I’d love another perspective on those cards meanings.

I have talked directly with the person who asked this question but I still wanted to include this here! When we continuously pull the same cards around the same situation or same question, we can infer that nothing has changed. You're still in the same place and so is the other person. Neither party is willing to make a shift in their mindset or actions. You've hit a dead end, are stuck in a stagnant period, or you haven't learned the lesson from this experience quite yet and need to keep sitting with it. 

In the context of the reading about a conflict with this person who is represented by The Hanged Man, it seems that they are not ready to change. They are choosing inaction rather than facing the struggle head on. And you as the Hierophant, are so frustrated by them because what they are doing goes against your personal code and belief system. You're feeling pretty rigid about the whole thing and ultimately want them to confront the situation and apologize to you. But they aren't there yet. They don't live by your belief system. And as frustrating as that is for you, you can't change that about them. But you may be able to change your approach to the situation. I encourage you to sit with this reading and pull a clarifying card on what action you can take to find resolution for yourself. It may be necessary for you to loosen up a bit and step away from the dogmatic approach of the Hierophant so that you can gain a deeper sense of peace. You don't always have to conform to your traditional ways of thinking, especially if that mindset is making you feel stuck. 

What a great Q + A session! I cannot wait to do more of these in the future and I am so grateful for those who thoughtfully shared their questions with me. Please remember that my answers are in the context of my own experience and I surely do not mean to speak for all Tarot readers here! One of the most beautiful things about Tarot is that we all get to have our own experience, our own card definitions, and our own way of doing things. And that is completely valid! 

If you have any additional questions or comments, please comment below! If you are feeling called to work with me through an intuitive Tarot reading, feel free to browse our current Tarot offerings in the shop or send me an email so that we can create a custom reading just for you. 

Love always,