Tools for Self-Care: Mind

I truly believe that cultivating lifestyle practices that help us bring our Mind, Body, and Spirit into synergistic union is our most powerful form of self-care. This can look a little different for everyone! Part of my purpose is to empower you with tools to help you figure out the lifestyle practices that help you live in alignment with your highest good. Through Rowan + Sage, I blend yoga, tarot, self-care rituals, and herbal remedies to support you in all aspects of wellness. I recently wrote a five day email series sharing insight into my favorite mind, body, and spiritual practices for total wellness – I thought I'd give you a little preview of what is included in this series! Subscribe here to receive these tools directly to your inbox.


Tools For Self-Care: Mind

Today we're working on the Mind - more specifically, grounding you and your thoughts back into the NOW. Grounding yourself is a process of reconnecting yourself to the Earth, the present moment, and to your truth. Grounding helps you feel more centered, in balance, and at ease. When we are ungrounded, we tend to feel scattered and anxious. If you are a sensitive or empathic person like me, you may experience a sense of unease when you're out in the world. Or you may even feel like you are taking on other people's energy, that your brain is overstimulated, or that your nervous system is jarred.

Grounding yourself is an easy and effective tool to bring you back into your body and help you feel secure. Even if you are not an empath, having a grounding practice is still beneficial. When we are grounded we can clear away the distractions and discern between what is in or out of alignment with our highest selves. We can make decisions more effectively, hold space for other people, and live from our hearts rather than our heads.

There are tons of tools and meditations to help you ground yourself. My personal favorite is a simple meditation technique that I learned in my Purna Yoga teacher training. It is called "Mental Centering" and it combines physical movements with the breath to literally bring your mind back into your body. In just a few moments, this meditation will reconnect you to your heart center and bring you back into the present moment.

Mental Centering

Begin by sitting comfortably. You can sit in Virasana on a block as pictured below, in a chair, or cross legged on the floor. Now find your heart center, the doorway to your soul. Your heart center is in the center of your chest at your sternum - I've placed little hearts on the photos below for reference! Now that you have found your heart center, close your eyes.


Step One: As you inhale, bring your hands up to the side of your head, keeping them 2-3 inches away from your ears. Have your hands slightly cupped with fingertips pointing upward (see the image above).


Step Two: Exhaling, bring your hands towards the center of your forehead in prayer position, keeping your thumbs at the level of your eyebrows. Take a deep breath in, and as you exhale bring your hands to your heart center.

Step Three: On your next inhalation, bring your hands back up to the sides of your head. Now as you exhale, imagine that you are gathering up all of the lingering thoughts on your mind into your hands. Bring these thoughts to the center of your forehead as your hands come together. Take a deep breath in. Exhaling, offer what you've gathered to your heart center. 

Do this once more (a total of 3 repetitions) or continue practicing the movements until you have gathered all of your distracting thoughts, things that do not serve you, or until it just feels right. End with your hands resting at your heart center. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale bow to your heart in gratitude.

Practice mental centering before or after your yoga practice, in the car before heading into a stressful meeting, or whenever you need a quick reminder to get out of your head and back into the now. This technique gives us reprieve from our thinking mind which can be a truly powerful form of self-care. Let me know how this feels for you commenting below! And if you enjoyed this sneak peak, be sure to subscribe to the rest of the series right here.


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