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Bioregional Herbalism for Self-Care and Holistic Wellness

Our Wild Roots

we have a passion for all things plants


It all started in the forest…

…among the old growth oak trees with tulip poplar blooms falling all around me and the wild ginger whispering up to me from the forest floor – calling me back home to the wisdom resting in my own bones.

The forest revealed to me what we all know deep within us – ancestral knowledge that herbs are our allies. That they are spiritual beings walking alongside us during our lifetime, teaching us the ways of healing, spiritual connection, and so much more. When the forest shared these teachings with me, I knew I must spread this message. And that, my friend, is how Rowan + Sage was born.

– Sarah Corbett, co-founder


 By Nature, For Nature

We believe that herbalism is most potent when grown through relationship to the land you live on. That’s why we source herbs by hand from abundant wild stands of plants in local forests + fields, from farmers we trust, and grow many of our herbs in our own garden. As we ethically harvest our beloved plant allies we distribute their seeds in the wild places that they grow and support regenerative land stewardship + medicinal plant conservation with the proceeds from our sales.


Herbalist Crafted

My name is Sarah and I’m a Clinical Herbalist, Spiritual Seeker, and Plant Witch with a passion for the magic and medicine of nature. Though I have many tools to facilitate wellness in myself and others, I believe that true healing comes from deep within. Our bodies are intelligent and resilient beings that are capable of revealing to us all that we need to know to achieve greater health.

All we have to do is learn how to listen.

I know that you have so much power to heal and grow, whether that be through connecting with plants on your own or working with me directly. It is my hope and immense privilege to guide you on a journey to reawaken the profound wisdom within you, inspire you to heal yourself with herbs, and help you live in relationship with the natural world.


As Seen In


Meet Sarah Corbett, Clinical Herbalist & FAM Educator

Photo by  Ben Wills .

Hey there! Sarah here. My passion for physical, mental, and spiritual wellness arose out of my own journey to understand and heal my body. I have always had a deep love for the natural world and the beings that inhabited the spaces between the leaves, rocks, and trees, and began my own healing process when I developed a chronic illness as a teenager.

For years I battled with physicians and specialists to help me understand what was happening with my body, why I was in so much pain, and why everything seemed to make me feel worse. After misdiagnosis after misdiagnosis, I met a Naturopath who completely changed the course of my path and introduced me to my souls work in this lifetime.

It was finally revealed to me that I had Celiac Disease and a variety of associated ailments. This Naturopath offered me many resources to assist on my healing path but unlike other doctors I had encountered, he introduced me to the concept of healing the body with herbal medicines. I was fascinated! This methodology resonated so deeply with me – I knew this is how I wanted to work with others someday.

I began to study the plants in my backyard, go on hikes every day through the forests surrounding my childhood home, walked the river banks and creek-sides, and made friends with the herbs and fungi growing around me. I began to wildcraft my own herbs, make teas and salves to support the work I was doing with this Naturopath and discovered that much of the information I discovered through formal herbal studies completely correlated with what I had learned by trusting my own intuition. I found that I had a deep knowing within myself to understand not only what I needed to heal, but to also understand the world around me on an intuitive level.

After years of feeling like my body was fighting against the innate healing processes I held within my own being, after feeling so confused and overwhelmed by the complexity of this chronic illness, nature offered me a safe space to land. A space full of wondrous potential that deeply nourished my soul and awakened the ancestral knowledge of plants and magic lying dormant in my bones. An opportunity to truly begin to trust my own intuition to inform my experience with the world and all of its complexities. Nature called me back home.

It is through my own experience of healing myself on a physical, mental, and spiritual level through plants and intuitive work that informs my practice with others. As a Clinical Herbalist & FAM Educator, I offer others the support they desire through consultations and herbal products for self-care as well as recommendations on lifestyle practices, supplementation, natural fertility counseling, and other customized strategies and resources that align with your unique needs.

Education & Credentials

Student Member of the American Herbalists Guild

Professional Member of The Institute of Functional Medicine

Herbal Medicine For Women (Dr. Aviva Romm)

Mentorship with Clara Bitcon-Bailey February 2019-Present (Naturopath, Herbalist, FAM Educator)

Reading Diagnostic Laboratory Blood Tests For Female Hormonal Health (Pacific Rim College)

Advanced Clinical Herbalism (School of Evolutionary Herbalism)

Alchemical Herbalism (School of Evolutionary Herbalism)

Intermediate Herbalism (The Herbal Academy)

Deep Reset – Herbalism & Functional Nutrition (Mediatrix Wellness)

Moon School Herbalism , Symptothermal FAM, and Women’s Health (Mediatrix Wellness)

Fertility Awareness Method Teacher Training (FEMM)

Intuitive Plant Medicine (One Willow Apothecaries)

Trans Fertility (Family Equality Open Door Professional)

Bachelors of Science in Psychology (Georgia State University)

200-Hour Purna Yoga Teacher (The College of Purna Yoga)

Restorative Yoga Level 1 (All Life is Yoga)

Certified Biddy Tarot Professional Reader (Biddy Tarot)



Meet Ian Thorpe, Co-Founder


Ian Thorpe is the backbone of Rowan + Sage! While Sarah focuses on working with clients one-on-one and formulating the line, Ian assists with all medicine making, wildcrafting, and the primary business operations of Rowan + Sage.

He’s a real jack-of-all-trades and what you’d refer to as a modern renaissance man…with a background in fine art and animation, love for blacksmithing, leather-crafts, and woodworking, and a deep reverence for folklore, myths, and legends.

Ian is always studying, reading, and learning new things – from the Scots Gaelic names of plants to how to build us the perfect gardens for herb production. Ian also handcrafts our line of items for the heart and home. Creating things with his own hands, from shelves for our products to our tincture press, is Ian's most valuable form of self-care.